the taxi talk

The Taxi Talk was formed in 2014, from bits and pieces of other collectives and groups. It started out as a band but also as a statement about the meaning of wave functions and whatnot. A first live incarnation of a proper band started touring in both selected and stinky places with the only intention of getting those augmented harmonies and guitar licks right. It ended up being the case, and they set to record their first proper disc, the enigmatically called «The Energy of Delusion» for reasons that were never clear to anybody.

More gigs followed in both selected and not so stinky places, people getting in and out of the band as if an operetta was in the works, more songs. » A Quantum Tale « was released sometime later, as a CD and as a weird statement about the wonders of changes from minor to major keys, and vice versa. Producer Nigel Walker became instrumental in finishing the thing.

The TTT collective is currently working on some fictional movies about spacetime curvatures and death row inmates (seriously).

The Taxi Talk have a formal record deal with Disparate Sound, as well as many informal deals with people of dubious reputation.